What people are saying...

“...I cannot emphasize enough how much we appreciate the effort he has exerted to organize our financial portfolio and steer us to the right path....”

“...Jeff couldn't have been more considerate and most of all respectful of my time and my needs. I would recommend him to anyone!....”

“...With Jeff's help, we feel like we are in more control of our retirement planning. His professionalism and knowledge have enabled us to deal with our investment needs...”

“...he has done an excellent job monitoring our benefits and continues to follow up on a regular basis; ensuring that our current need is always met...”

“...Jeff has been a great financial advisor. We feel confident and comfortable with our financial goals, and would recommend him to anyone looking for the same....”


Eternal Wealth & Estate Solutions Inc.

I understand your goals and dreams are unique

Whether you’re starting a new family, preparing for retirement or running a business, using an integrated planning process, we’ll work with you or your business to build a customized financial security plan that best fits your needs, helps you manage risk and brings your goals within reach.

After evaluating your needs, risk tolerance and life stage, we’ll recommend solutions that best help you achieve your goals.

Through comprehensive analysis, in-depth market research and the support of a team of highly-qualified tax and product specialists available to us through Freedom 55 Financial, we can help you make sense of your options.

Eternal Wealth & Estate Solutions Inc.

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